Endless Energy understands that Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.  There is enough potential energy in a single (non Olympic sized) swimming pool to power the entire world for a year.  Hydrogen is safe, clean and renewable.  When used to create electricity the only by product is Water.

We have and will continue to install hydrogen backup power systems using fuel cells to generate electricity from water.  The process is simple.  Solar energy is used to power electrolyzers which separate the hydrogen from oxygen in water.  The oxygen is simply vented outdoors and the hydrogen is stored in a tank for use when needed.

While the process is not as efficient as other methods for separating Hydrogen  - the sun is free.  So who cares?

Technology has been developed already that is using Hydrogen Fuel Cells to power homes even where energy prices are inexpensive - simply because the grid is unreliable in providing clean , true power.

Please ask us to show you examples of Hydrogen installations.