Nearly half the solar energy our planet receives is absorbed by the ground.

As a result, below the surface the earth remains a constant moderate temperature year-round. This provides an ideal source for heating and cooling your home. Geothermal systems use a sealed underground piping loop filled with circulating water and an ultra high-efficiency heat pump to exchange heat between your home and the earth.

In the summer, the earth is your source of cooling. The heat pump absorbs heat from the air in your home and transfers it to water circulating in the piping loop where it is absorbed by the earth. This provides cool, dehumidified and comfortable air throughout your home.

No matter where you live, the temperature beneath your home remains constant regardless of the season.  Geothermal Heat Pump Systems harness the stable underground temperature to provide cooling in the Caribbean and hot water for your home at remarkably high efficiencies.  So high, in fact, that energy efficiencies can be up to 70% more than conventional air conditioning systems.  Endless Energy uses only the world's largest and most progressive leaders in clean, renewable geothermal technology with award-winning geothermal heat pumps.

Our team of highly trained HVAC specialists will work with you, or your architects to design the right system for your home or business.