Company History

Endless Energy Caribbean Limited was formed in 2007 to fill a need in the Caribbean - an area replete with renewable energy supply but no programs in place to take advantage of them.  It became abundantly clear that when fossil fuels become scarce on a global basis, the chance for any sustainable sources providing continued supply to the Caribbean would be non-existent.

As costs of fossil fuels rose in 2007 to over $147 per barrel of crude oil, the handwriting was clear – someone needed to take a leadership role and move the Caribbean toward energy independence utilizing their renewable resources and away from the diminishing fossil fuel supplies.

Endless Energy Caribbean Limited is that firm.  It will take a leadership position to assist each Caribbean nation to establish Energy Policy where none exists; train workers in the design and installation of renewable energy systems for residential and commercial use; and assist in the provision of financing of those systems where residents cannot obtain it thru normal channels.